El CEO saliente de Coca-Cola, Muhtar Kent, dio una entrevista en donde habla de como crecio el consumo de 1.4 billones de consumos al día a 1.9 billones, una tarea nada sencilla. Lo mejor de la entrevista es su filosofia sobre estar “descontento”:

Throughout your time as CEO, you’ve used the term ‘constructively discontent’ to describe both your outlook and the mindset you’ve challenged all Coca-Cola system associates to embrace. Why?

I shamelessly borrowed that from Mr. Robert Woodruff. He liked to say that “the world belongs to the discontented,” particularly in the last period of his leadership. We can easily fall into the trap – in the Coca-Cola world, where we are one of the most pervasive brands in the world and where our business card is known to everyone – of getting too comfortable. So I think we have to constantly challenge ourselves to think constructively as to what more we can do. It’s a wonderful thing to be invited into consumers’ lives more than 1.9 billion times every day, but at the same time, when you think that the 2.3 billion households in the world each consume 26 beverages every day, and that less than two of those beverages are ours, then that immediately makes you constructively discontent. It puts a little bit more energy into your thinking as to what more you can do to polish your brands and create more products consumers want… so those two out of 26 can become four, then six, then eight, and so on.

Pueden leer la entrevista completa aquí.